Leo next told me you to definitely Glucose reaches the newest main tower

Leo next told me you to definitely Glucose reaches the newest main tower

Shortly after Thunder Soldier and some dwarves split from them, Leo told me which they visited the newest royal castle so you’re able to assault Doflamingo the moment Glucose was outdone. When Usopp try saw by the a couple of Doflamingo’s people, the fresh dwarves removed them. As they were puzzled, Leo and you can Rampo kicked her or him aside. Just after Usopp and Robin placed on disguises, this new rebels continued on to the main tower. [23]

Once they visited new government tower, Leo told Usopp in regards to the union involving the tower and you will the newest rubbish lay. They then infiltrated the brand new tower and you can went to the bedroom where Glucose and you can Trebol was in fact discover. Leo formulated a method to take down Glucose. He grabbed out an effective stop from Tatababasco, that’s referred to as hottest spruce worldwide and you can the latest dwarves managed to get shaped such as for instance an effective grape. Leo wanted to place the spice to your Sugar’s container from red grapes on hopes one to Glucose carry out eat they. When he ran toward execute their package, he ing, the new operation might be an endurance. [32]

Just after enjoying Trebol shoot a travel having higher reliability, Robin avoided Leo away from going into the space, knowing that Trebol could location your. [33] Whenever Bian caused a commotion on change vent with an armed forces regarding wasps, Robin lured Trebol from the area. New assault failed while the Sugar transformed a few of the dwarves to your this lady model servants and you will ordered these to eliminate most of the intruders throughout the tower. Which have disregarded the dwarves that were merely switched, Leo’s group involved with struggle with its previous comrades. [34]

They were disrupted when a boat tossed from the Trebol crashed to the new tower. Trebol then caught Leo with his fellow dwarves together with his sticky substance. Shortly after fooling Leo to your discussing having exactly who they certainly were allied, Trebol ignited the fresh new gluey material, causing it so you’re able to explode. Shortly after picking right up Leo, Usopp recommended which they is to sanctuary. not, Leo is adamant into the finishing this new operation therefore Thunder Soldier you are going to challenge Doflamingo. Whenever Usopp requested him as to why the newest dwarves set such believe about toy soldier, Leo revealed that Thunder Soldier is the only model who’ll rebel up against Doflamingo and this he or she is none other than Kyros. [21] Together with the dwarves disabled, Leo put their trust for the Usopp. [35]

Leo ended up being impressed so you can where Usopp are

To display their believe, Leo with his fallen comrades initiate chanting “Usoland.” Whenever Trebol expected just what he had been chanting, Leo declared one to Usoland is going to save not merely the newest dwarves, however, the enslaved playthings also. Trebol simply chuckled at their believe, saying that these were lied to https://datingranking.net/tr/meetme-inceleme/ and their savior wasn’t upcoming and most likely someplace chuckling from the the heartache. He then informed new dwarves one to their believe for the your is misplaced. Leo furiously ignored Trebol’s comments, saying that Usoland will unquestionably help save them. Prior to Leo can tell anymore, Trebol stomped new dwarf together with his ft. Whenever Usopp turned up to store her or him, he admitted which he wasn’t what the guy said becoming and this he or she is very a sleeping pirate. In the event saddened of the details, brand new dwarves cheered getting Usopp as he circulated an attack up against Trebol. [13]

Just after Trebol is out of the tower, the fresh new dwarves billed within the and you will hurried in the Glucose

New dwarves was worried when Usopp try weighed down because of the Trebol. When Sugar forced the spice toward Usopp’s mouth area, Leo is actually astonished observe one Usopp’s expression frightened Glucose very much you to she shed awareness. [36] Toward top objective away from Operation SOP finished, the fresh new dwarves wept more Usopp’s victory and you may stated that they can generate a sculpture off Usopp. [37] New dwarves up coming carried Usopp of a furious Trebol while you are Robin stored him back. These were up coming surprised whenever Hajrudin picked up Usopp. If the previous submissives stated their allegiance on the saving grace, Usopp bought his newfound followers so you can wreck brand new Smile factory and you may the newest dwarves shout out Usopp’s title. [38]

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