5 Reasons to Meet Date & Marry a Filipina

5 Reasons to Meet Date & Marry a Filipina

They’re usually looking for a foreign man precisely because they have a reputation for treating women better. And that’s something that Western women take for granted – men treat them well as part of their culture.

To be honest, there are way more than 20 reasons to pursue a Filipina bride, but to keep this article short and to the point – here are the top ones:

Filipinas Are Sexy!

These ladies come in a million different looks because the Philippines has always been a nation of immigrants, so it’s very hard to generalize about their looks.

Over the centuries hookup apps for married there were waves of merchants, immigrants, and invaders from the Malaya Peninsula, Borneo, Vietnam, and of course China. Then the Spanish came and ruled the islands for almost four hundred years.

What you can generalize about is that they’re some of the most beautiful women in the world. You sometimes see ladies who really look like Latina’s, because they are. The Spanish ancestry is sometimes clear.

There are also women with clear Chinese features and then there is just a mix. It is hard to know just how many people in the Philippines have American ancestry.

The Americans ruled the islands from 1898 to 1946 and tens of thousands of American servicemen remained at Clark Air Force Base and Subic Bay until 1998.

No one really knows how many children were fathered by these men, but certainly, hundreds of thousands and that American DNA is part of the mix now too.

Filipinas Speak Your Language

So, Filipina’s are impossible to stereotype, but one thing that many Americans find beautiful about them is the sweet sound of English. (more…)